uPVC Doors

Key Features

Durable PVC material for long lasting quality.

Clean minimalist Bevelled or detailed Sculptured design options.

Various Colour, Hardware and Glass options available.

Different Hinge, Handle and Glass options available.

Virtually maintenance free.

Double glazed A rated glass as standard.

All Frames made to measure.

10 Year guarantee on the Frames & Glass.

Our uPVC doors are manufactured in our factory in Norwich. These are durable front and back doors that are built to last and are manufactured using a reinforced uPVC profile, hard-wearing door furniture and high-security lock mechanisms.

uPVC doors are are simple yet clean design and are available in a number of different colours and glass options, which makes them a popular option for back doors, however, they are also commonly used as front doors too.

If you are looking for a door with a little more character, our Composite Door range would be the perfect choice.

All of our quotes are 100% free with no-obligation, and we don’t require a home visit to quote.

Email us the approximate size, colour and style of the uPVC front or back door and we can provide an accurate quote.

Use the tabs below to see our range of colour and glass options available in all of our uPVC doors.

Astraframe manufacture two different type of profiles systems, Bevelled and Sculptured.

We manufacture Profile22 profile in both Bevelled and Sculptured finshes, Using the Profile22 system, we are able to offer exceptional quality and high performance features which will last for years.

The advanced designs offers a slim and attractive profile that is versatile and easy to install.

All of the Operational hardware is extremely durable. Our windows also feature stainless steel friction stays which are tested for security and performance. They are resistant of corrosion and are easy to clean.


profiles have been designed to be secure, tough and easy-to-install systems.

Our affordable, hard wearing window frames are perfect for any project, whether you’re a professional working on a construction project, a dedicated glazier, or a DIY enthusiast hoping to spruce up your home.

Bevelled PVC System

Sculptured PVC System

AstraFrame PVC windows are available in a range on different colours to match your requirments

All our colour foiled PVC windows are available with the foil on the outside only or on both sides, giving you a wide range of different options.

We also offer a colour bonding spray service, This service allows us to offer PVC products in over 1500 different colours, all you need to provide is the RAL number for the colour and we can match it. See a list of all the RAL colours here.

Astraframe offer many different glass options with the full Pilkington Texture glass range available.

Pilkington’s obscure glass range provides obscuration and decoration. All patterns are classified according to their level of obscurity in relation to each other, with 1 being least obscure and 5 being most obscure.

Level 1



Level 2





Level 3




Level 4


Charcoal Sticks






Level 5