What is the best uPVC brand in the UK?

When it comes to uPVC windows and doors, the brand of uPVC profile used is often less important than the skills and experience of the company fabricating and installing them. This is because while the profile provides the base material, it is the expertise of the fabricator and fitter that ensures the end result is a high quality installation built to last.

In this article, we’ll look at why the fabricator matters more than the profile brand, and explain why Astraframe in Norwich are one of the best uPVC fabricators in the industry after over 35 years of experience.

Why the Fabricator Matters More Than Profile Brand

There are a handful of major uPVC profile brands used by window and door manufacturers in the UK, such as VEKA, Kommerling, Deceuninck and Epwin. They all produce quality profile systems that meet all the relevant industry standards.

The skills of the fabricator come into play once these basic profiles are purchased. Fabrication involves precision-cutting the profiles and hardware, assembling them together and adding seals, gaskets and reinforcement. Done right, you get a robust, weatherproof and secure end product. Done poorly, you may end up with drafts, leaks and other issues down the line.

The fabricator also has a major impact on the appearance of the finished windows and doors. Careful assembly, corner cleaning and attention to detail results in elegant, neat glazing lines and joints. Rushed fabrication can look messy and unsightly.

So when choosing uPVC, the fabricator’s experience and manufacturing processes will have more bearing on the quality of windows and doors than the profile brand alone. An expert fabricator can get great results from any decent profile system.

Why Astraframe Stands Out

Based in Norwich, Astraframe have over 35 years of experience fabricating uPVC windows, doors and conservatories. Using the latest technology and processes, we exemplify what an expert fabricator should be.

Some key reasons they stand out include:

  • Skilled Staff: Our staff are all fully trained to manufacture to existing standards, and our Experience and craftsmanship ensure every project meets quality benchmarks.
  • State of the Art Factory: Astraframe operates from a high-tech factory using precision cutting and welding machinery. This ensures consistently neat fabrication.
  • Rigorous Quality Control: Every product is stringently checked against quality standards at multiple stages during fabrication and installation.
  • Bespoke Capability: Our skilled staff and precision machinery mean Astraframe can fabricate complex and unique designs just as competently as standard products.
  • Low Volume Manufacturing: Unlike some fabricators aiming for high volume throughput, Astraframe focus on quality rather than speed or quantity.
  • Latest Profile Technology: We utilize the state-of-the-art Epwin Profile 22 system to maximize thermal efficiency and weatherproofing.

With our expertise, attention to detail and bespoke capability, Astraframe represents what you should look for in a premium uPVC fabricator.


When choosing new uPVC windows, doors or conservatories for your home, the skills and experience of the fabricator should be your foremost consideration. Leading fabricators like Astraframe will get the very best from any uPVC system. While the profile brand itself is less important, Astraframe choose Epwin for its high standards and thermal performance. With over 35 years in the industry, Astraframe deliver superb quality installations thanks to their expert staff, state of the art factory and rigorous quality control.



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