How much does a new conservatory warm roof cost?

we understand that each conservatory roof is unique, so we provide a customised cost which takes into account the specifics of your conservatory. To find out the cost of a new conservatory roof, simply follow our three simple steps.

  1. Get started by filling out our online get a quote form or by calling us on 01603 763189.
  2. Our team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements for a replacement roof for your existing conservatory.
  3. With this information, we can provide you with a bespoke quotation tailored to your conservatory and your specific requirements.

Why don’t we list pricing on our website?

At Astraframe, we tailor each quote to match our customers’ unique vision for their conservatory roof conversion. Rather than limit options with set pricing early on, we empower homeowners to explore what roof shape, style and features truly suit their space and needs.This consultative approach ensures you determine the optimum design to maximize value from your installation investment.

Once we understand your goals, we then provide customized pricing that brings your ideal conservatory roof elegantly to life. Our aim is always for you to feel fully supported to create a conversion you’ll enjoy for years through thoughtful, made-to-order design.

Are you interested in converting your conservatory roof?

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on envisioning your ideal conservatory roof replacement. Rather than starting with price, we begin by learning your goals – how you hope to enjoy the space for years to come. Then we craft a tailored quotation outlining the investment to elegantly bring that vision to life.

Our consultative approach ensures you feel fully supported to create a warm, beautiful conservatory roof replacement that suits your needs. Please reach out so we can provide a detailed cost breakdown for this exciting home improvement project. It’s our pleasure to help transform your conservatory into a treasured spot for making memories.



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