How Many Years Should uPVC Windows Last?

uPVC windows have become increasingly popular in homes over the past few decades. With their sleek, modern designs and energy efficiency, uPVC windows offer many benefits for homeowners. However, one question that often comes up is how long these windows can be expected to last. The answer depends on several factors.

In general, with proper care and maintenance, quality uPVC windows should last 20-25 years or longer. Many manufacturers offer guarantees up to 10 years, but your windows could easily last twice that long if cared for properly. Here are some factors that affect uPVC window longevity:

Window Quality

Higher quality uPVC windows made with durable, reinforced materials and quality hardware will last longer than cheaper models. Look for uPVC windows certified by organizations like the British Standards Institute. Quality windows will have stronger, thicker uPVC frames and multi-chambered internal construction for insulation. Good quality hardware, gaskets, hinges and locking mechanisms also extend a window’s lifespan.


Proper installation is key to uPVC window longevity. Windows installed correctly and securely into the building structure will suffer less wear over time. Poor installation can warp frames and cause leaks leading to moisture damage. Get windows installed by qualified professionals following manufacturer guidelines.

Climate and Environment

The climate and environment impact how long uPVC windows last. In harsher climates with extreme cold, heat, humidity or sea air, windows deteriorate faster. Intense UV exposure from sunlight can also accelerate wear and damage. Windows properly sealed against moisture last longer. Proper overhangs above windows protect from excessive sun and rain.


Like other building materials, routine cleaning and maintenance keeps uPVC windows looking their best and extends lifespan. Washing the frames annually removes dirt and debris that can damage window surfaces. Inspect seals, hinges and locking mechanisms yearly, replacing any worn parts. Refasten any loose screws or hardware. Spot paint any scratches or nicks to protect from further damage.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Never use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or acidic chemicals on uPVC windows, as these can scratch or discolor the uPVC and accelerate wear. Mild detergent and water is best for routine washing. Immediately dry any water or condensation to prevent moisture damage.

Protect from Impacts

Be sure to avoid any heavy direct impacts to uPVC window frames that can dent or crack them. Make sure openings are clear and that tree branches or bushes do not hit or brush against the windows which can eventually damage the uPVC. Installing protective grilles or shutters helps guard against external damage.

Use Sun Blocking Film or Shades

To block out excessive sun exposure, install tinted window film or keep protective exterior shutters closed during hot daylight hours. Interior window shades and curtains also help block UV rays. This protects against sunlight damage and fading.


With regular care and maintenance, quality uPVC windows installed properly can easily last for over 20 years. Homeowners can follow these simple tips to maximize the lifespan of their uPVC windows. Though guarantees may cover only 10 years, your windows should keep looking great and maintain energy efficiency for 20 years or possibly longer with proper care.

At Astraframe, our uPVC windows are built to last using high quality materials and reinforced fusion welding in the frame construction. All our windows are certified to meet British standards with over three decades of experience manufacturing.

Contact Astraframe when you need new uPVC windows built to stand the test of time.



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