Can I Put a Toilet in My Garden Room?

Having a toilet in your garden room can be very convenient, allowing you to avoid running back into the main house. However, installing a toilet in a garden room or shed isn’t always straightforward. Here are some key things to consider if you’re thinking about adding a toilet to your garden retreat.

Building Regulations

The first thing to check is whether you need planning permission or need to follow any building regulations. Generally, adding plumbing and a toilet to a garden room would be considered a significant alteration requiring approval. Building regulations will stipulate things like the minimum room size, ventilation, and wastewater disposal method.

It’s best to contact your local authority to find out if you need consent and if there are any specific rules that apply in your area. Depending on where you live, you may be able to install a composting or incinerating toilet as an off-grid option not requiring traditional plumbing.


You’ll need to plan out how wastewater from the toilet will be dealt with. Connecting to the main sewage line from your house is ideal if the garden room is close enough. Alternatively, you could install a septic tank or small treatment system just for the garden room.

Make sure any drainage pipes are positioned appropriately so they have enough gradient to flow correctly. Proper wastewater drainage prevents messy backups or contamination of your garden.

Water Supply

A toilet needs access to water – plan how you will plumb a water supply to your garden room. Extending pipes from your house is the most straightforward option if feasible. Using a small independent water tank and pump for the toilet is another possibility.

Comfort and Practicalities

Consider the comfort of your garden toilet – will it be properly insulated and ventilated? You’ll also need to think about practicalities like toilet roll storage, doors/screens for privacy, and access for cleaning. Position the toilet near your garden room’s entrance for convenience.

With good planning and following building regulations, installing a toilet in your garden room can be a great idea. Just make sure to consider all the practical factors first. A garden retreat with an on-site toilet can be a wonderful addition to your outside living space.

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