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Selection of window handles available form AstraFrame

Fab & Fix range of handles and door funtature available in a range of colours from AstraFrame


We use top quality Fab & Fix handles for our windows and doors.

Handles and door furniture are the personal touches that make new windows and doors your own.

There’s a wide range of finishes to choose from and everything matches together perfectly across the windows and doors.

Fax & Fix handles are tested to the extreme. Handles are opened and closed 50,000 times and the colour finishes are sprayed tested with a salt solution to exacting British Standards. So you can be sure whatever finish you choose they will looking great and work perfectly for many years to come.

Choose the style and colour to suit your home from our large range.

Choose matching door furniture.


Numerals and letters available form AstraFrame in a selection of colours  Range of door knockers available in various colours from, AstraFrame


See our part matching service. We’ll find the right replacement part so you can easily replace any broken window or door hardware.