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With WarmCore from AstraFrame there are no compromises

AstraFrame WarmCore full doorOn a beautiful summer’s day, there’s nothing better than sliding back your bi-folding doors, opening up your living room into the garden and firing up the BBQ. But when the weather’s cold WarmCore highly insulated bi-folds will keep you warm and cosy inside, as well as a perfect view out to the garden, so there are no compromises.

Don’t compromise on energy or security

With WarmCore Bi-fold Doors from AstraFrame, you can have the stunning large glazed area you’ve always wanted, making your living room bright and airy all year round, without having to sacrifice energy efficiency or security.

WarmCore’s sliding folding door has a special structure inside of the frame which has multiple chambers that stop cold air conducting through into your home from outside and keeps the warm air inside. This makes WarmCore more energy efficient than building regulations require and much warmer than most other aluminium bi-folding doors. So whether you choose double or triple glazing, it’ll help with your heating bills.

WarmCore’s security is second to none, so your home and family are kept safe. The door is Secured by Design accredited and has passed a number of independent tests as part of the Official Police Security Initiative. WarmCore is so secure, it is covered by the ‘Five-star’ ERA guarantee against forced entry for 10 years.

Design a door to suit your home

WarmCore Bi-fold Doors offer lots of design options and you can choose everything down to the last detail.

There’s a choice of single, French or bi-folding doors. If you need doors for different entrances, perhaps a large bi-fold for your living room and a back door into the kitchen, they will match.

Choosing from the WarmCore colour palette means you can have patio doors in a colour to match or complement your conservatory or contrast against the brickwork or render. There’s even the added option of having a different colour on the inside, to match your décor.

If you have young children at home, you might choose to have a low threshold and that means no trip hazards when they’re whizzing in and out of the garden.

Is WarmCore what you’re looking for?

If WarmCore sounds like it would be perfect for your home, come into the factory showroom on Barker Street in Norwich, call us on 01603 763 189 or email