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Windows in time for Christmas for Mr and Mrs Stocking

Checking an AstraCote coloured window in GreyWhen Mr and Mrs Stocking decided they wanted new windows in October last year, AstraFrame provided them with a quote that gave them a huge saving. We spoke to Mr Stocking about buying from us.

When you decided that you wanted new windows, did you have anything specific in mind?

Initially we approached both local and national window retailers and asked them to quote us for two PVCu windows for our bungalow. We were very disenchanted with how much they quoted us. We’d driven past the AstraFrame showroom many times so we decided to call in and were pleasantly surprised with how much less the prices were.

Did your original order change as a result of money you saved?

Yes, because AstraFrame quoted us much less than the other companies, we decided to see how much it would be to have two additional windows and a composite door with matching grey frames. The amended quote was still cheaper than the original ones given to us by other companies for only two windows so we increased our order.

Why did you decide to opt for a coloured door and window frames?

We live in a 1970s bungalow and chose large, bespoke windows that really transformed our home. We really liked the idea of having the colour of the window frames match the frame of the composite door, so we had them coated grey with AstraCote to give the property a more contemporary look.

Were you pleased with the service provided by AstraFrame?

Yes, we were very pleased. We had our windows and door fitted on 18 December even though it was a busy period in the run up to Christmas. We were always kept in the loop and everything was done to the agreed time scales.

Did AstraFrame recommend an installer or did you choose your own?

AstraFrame recommend an installer to us and we were very impressed. He was very professional, turned up on time and did a great job. In fact we’ve asked him to quote us for some more work.

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