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The best selection of doors in Norwich

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘seeing is believing,’ which is why we have different door designs on display in our factory showroom. The best selection in Norwich, in fact.

If you’re looking for inspiration, it’s best to see a range of composite doors. We have a selection of designs to suit different homes and individual tastes so it makes sense to look around and see what options are available.

At the factory showroom on Barker Street, we have twelve front and back doors in eight different colours on display. Each door has different types of glass and hardware, too. We offer an in-house design system, so if there is a certain style or colour you’d like, you can build the door yourself, see what it looks like on screen to make sure it’s right for your home before you buy.

Check out the doors that we have on display

If you’d like to get more ideas about the different styles you can have or want to find out more about designing your own door, email trade@astraframe.co.uk or visit us at 50 Barker Street.

Contempory composite door from AstraFrame



This crisp design is ideal for both traditional and modern properties. Its simple layout doesn’t compromise on safety while the black handles give this contemporary front door a minimalist but up to date feel. It’s also great for old cottages where smaller doors are needed.

Top tip – To make it modern, choose a brushed chrome handle or for a cottage style go for a traditional black.



2 panel 2 angle composite door in Chartwell green from AstarFrame




Traditional with a modern twist, this two panel, two angle design will give you the best of both worlds. Ideal for Victorian or Edwardian properties, the Chartwell green door with Flair patterned glass gives an elegant feel, while the chrome handles and hardware keep it looking new. For a more classic look, try it in Darkwood with gold hardware.



2 panel 4 square composite door from AstraFrame



Oak doors look beautiful with gold hardware and suit everything from traditional properties to 1930s semis. The four glazed panels with Flair patterned glass give this door a look that will stand the test of time. All our doors offer high security but this door has extra protection as its fitted with an ERA Vertis Cylinder free lock. It prevents burglars snapping or manipulating the lock.




4 square composite door from AstraFrame




A black door gives a striking contrast to neutral coloured renders on modern homes. This design also looks great on tradtitional townhouses and the four square design is ideal if you’re after some individuality. Chrome hardware adds the finishing touches and the Finesse patterned glass proves the little black door is anything but plain.



Macintosh rose glass in a composite door from AstraFrame



The Mackintosh Rose glass is the centre piece of this door, which looks fantastic on 1930s homes. The detail of the glass is enhanced by setting it in a green door and the gold hardware is in-keeping with the traditional characteristics of the design. The inside of the door is crisp white which with the large glass area will keep hallways looking light and airy.




2 panel 2 square composite door form AstraFrame



This composite door lends itself to Georgian style properties thanks to its four panel, two square design and blue colour. The patterned glass adds interest while the graphite handles and hardware are consistent with the overall look of the period. You can add a spyhole too, so you know who’s at the door. To make your door really stand out, try it in Poppy Red or Duck Egg Blue.




2 panel 2 quare 1 arch composite door from AstraFrame




Formal black is perfect for Victorian or Edwardian properties, this versatile composite door has all the style you’d expect for a period home. The patterned glass with crystal bevels is the main feature of this door which is complimented by the design’s panels and arch. To complete a countryside cottage look, try it in Cream or Chartwell Green.



Twin side composite door form AstraFarme




If you live in a new-build, this sleek door will suit the modern look of your home. Sandwiched between two panes of glass, the Italian inspired Murano triple glazing is easy to keep clean. It works well with the grey door and the twin side design is ideal if you want something stylish. Try it in Red if you fancy something a bit more vibrant.



2 panel 2 square composite door from AstarFrame




To instantly transform your home, a red door is the perfect choice. The two panel design suits traditional properties and the Crystal Diamond glass makes an impact for all the right reasons. Try it with chrome handles and hardware for a modern twist.




4 panel starburst composite door from AstraFrame



This four panel door suits most types of property so it’s a fantastic all –rounder. The bronze handles and hardware contrast against the white and the sunburst shaped glass panels keep the overall look classic so it won’t date. You can add a spy hole too. If your windows aren’t white, try it in Oak or Darkwood.