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Shop for windows and doors and skip the salesman

White PVUc windows from AstraFrameWhen it comes to booking a holiday, many of us take the ‘DIY’ approach. Instead of going into a travel agent and asking someone to put together a package of flights and accommodation, we tend to search for a hotel online, then shop around and book a flight and transfers separately.

This approach also works when it comes to decorating our homes. We don’t ask our decorator to choose the colour scheme. We do it ourselves then ask them to take on the practical side of things. Shopping this way means that we become the project manager for these purchases and buying windows and doors should be no exception.

If you come to AstraFrame, you won’t be limited to choosing a ‘package.’ Whether you want a new conservatory, a PVCu window or a composite door for your home, you’ll be able to pick out the style that you like and have the option of installing it yourself. Or you might have a builder or window installer lined up to do it for you. But even if you don’t, you’ll can still take the DIY approach as we have a list of installers that we work with and trust to do an excellent job. The difference is you pay them direct.

We manufacture Synseal windows and doors at our factory in Norwich and because we make them ourselves, we’ll provide you with your custom-built frames within two weeks of ordering them.

If you’d like a closer look at our range of windows, doors and conservatories, call in to our showroom and one of our experts will help you to pick a design that best suits your home. Instead of finding pushy salesmen, you’ll be given practical information so that you can manage the process yourself and save up to 50 percent of the cost.