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AstraFrame Factory See your windows being made in NorwichOne thing that shocked us from the horse meat scandal a couple of years ago was that you could label something as British without it really coming from Britain.

Until this time, like most people in the UK, we didn’t know that animals could come from another country but as long as some of the processing happened in the UK, the meat could be counted as British. There was a huge outcry as people realised they were having the wool pulled over their eyes. The horse meat scandal just highlighted lots of things that were wrong with the system.

Today the best way of guaranteeing where foods come from is the Red Tractor Scheme. It follows the supply chain right the way through. As it says on Red Tractor website ‘from farm to pack.’

We wish there was a similar scheme for windows. We get a bit fed up when we hear other companies say they manufacture locally when they don’t.  We believe that whatever people buy, they have the right to accurate information.

For many years, parts of the double glazing business had a bad reputation for pulling the wool over customers’ eyes. Often charging inflated prices and not-quite-telling-the-truth about things.

That’s why at AstraFrame we make sure we’re different. We’re up front with information on products, installation and prices. We actively encourage customers to come to the factory showroom.

Like the Red Tractor scheme we believe that companies should only be able to say they’ve manufactured a window if they’ve made the whole thing. If a company has only screwed a handle onto a frame they’ve bought elsewhere from another manufacturer, does it really count? If there was a scheme for windows, we know it wouldn’t hit the mark. But more than that, if a company doesn’t tell the truth on manufacturing, what else are they hiding?

We think our customers deserve better. As well as seeing the factory, customers see the finished products in the factory showroom. There are double glazed windows on display showing different designs, colours and handles. There are 12 full sized composite doors so customers can see before they place an order. Lots of customers tell us it’s better than choosing from a brochure.

We’ve proven that cutting out the middle man is the best way for customers to save money. We manufacture windows in from our factory in Norwich. Most people can save at least 50 percent by buying direct from AstraFrame and using our fixed price fitting with expert local installers.

Because there’s no Red Tractor scheme for windows, we think it’s even more important for customers to check for themselves. Pop into the showroom at 50 Barker Street in Norwich to see windows being made.

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