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Save more with the DIY Window Fitting Kit

Window fitting kit from Astraframe.

If you buy replacement windows and doors from AstraFrame, you won’t have to pay for an installation service if you don’t need it. We’re happy to recommend tradesmen but if you want to install the double glazing yourself, we’ve made the job easier with a Window Fitting Kit that saves time and money.

Costing just £10 each, our kits contain everything you need to fit one window:

  • A tube of silicone to seal around the windows
  • Glazing packers, which hold the glass away from the frame
  • Frame fixing screws to fix the frame to the wall

The Window Fitting Kit is cheaper than buying all the individual items separately. This is because glazing packers and frame fixing screws are only available in large quantities so you can end up paying extra for parts you don’t want or need.

Save time by picking up the Window Fitting Kit from the factory in Norwich instead of buying the components from different hardware stores.

If you’d like advice on installing double glazing, our experts will be happy to share their knowledge and answer any questions that you have. To speak to us, you can visit the factory showroom at our Window Trade Centre in Norwich, call us on 01603 763189 or email