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How to change a UPVC window handle?

Replacement window handlesI’ve got a broken window handle, do I need to change my window? The simple answer is no. If it’s only a broken handle you might not need to upgrade the whole window. It can be cheaper and easier than changing your windows and give you a few extra years’ life from your current ones.

We hear about people who live with a broken window handle for years, because they don’t know how easy it can be to replace them.

But before you can change a broken window handle you need to find the right part. Often it’s the hardest part of the process. That’s where our expertise comes in. We can usually find the right match, so you’ll be able to do a straight swap without having to get the drill out and make more holes in the window frame. And that saves you time and money.

Step one to replacing window handles

If you can, remove the handle. There’s normally a screw cover that will flip off. Underneath you see the screw heads. Undo these and then the handle should be easy enough to remove.

If the handle is broken, sometimes it can be difficult to remove. Don’t worry, if for any reason you can’t remove it, you can just take a photo.

Then visit the factory showroom on Barker Street in Norwich with your handle or bring in your photo. Or if it’s easier you could email the photo to us on the

We have a really good track record of finding the matching parts, and on the rare occasion we’ve not got one in stock, we’ll order it in for you.

We have a big selection of handles in lots of different styles too. As well as modern designs, we also have a great range of traditional styles suitable for older properties including tear drop and monkey tail handles in a black cast iron look.

Upgrading handles and locks on your windows.

If you’ve installed a new bifold door and you want to upgrade the look of other windows and doors in the room, try changing the handles. The same if you fit a new composite door, we can supply window handles to match. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to do it. Upgrading from white to satin stainless steel, or adding a gold handle to a woodgrain window looks great. Upgrading to more modern looking handles is a cheap way to get a new look without spending out on new windows.

And it’s not just for handles. We have big stocks of hinges and lock mechanisms too.