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Garden Rooms for Summer

Summer house orangery in Chartwell Green from AstraFrameA garden room can provide a relaxing retreat, home office or even a personal gym and they’re great for making the most of your garden and the British summer, too. With our individual design service, you can choose every detail of your AstraFrame garden room to create a great extra space for your home that’s completely fit for purpose.

Working from the garden

If you work from home and you’re fed up of being shut up in the spare box bedroom every day, a garden room can provide a light, bright and airy office space. You’ll be away from distractions in the house and you can enjoy plenty of fresh air and the peace of your garden whilst you work.

Design Tip If you plan to use your garden room every day, you need to make sure it’s a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Try heat-reflective glass which still allows light into your room, but reflects heat in the summer and keeps heat inside in the winter.

Training outside

If you like keeping fit but struggle to find time to go to the gym, a garden room could be a great space to house all of your equipment for your own home gym. So you can nip out and get your workout done without the family even realising that you’re gone.

Design Tip If you choose bi-folding doors for your garden room, you can fold them back on hot days to make the most of the summer breeze.

A family retreat

A garden room can provide a perfect haven for lazy summer afternoons. Open the doors wide and enjoy your garden from the comfort of your cool and airy garden room. Use it like a beach hut and keep your coffee maker and all of the children’s outdoor toys in it so that you can escape there on a sunny Sunday morning and stay all day, even in the event of an infamous British summer downpour.

Design Tip If the children are prone to kicking and throwing footballs around the garden, it might be worth thinking about toughened safety glass for extra protection for your garden room.

AstraFrame’s garden rooms are all made to order at the factory showroom in Norwich. Whatever the size, design or layout, AstraFrame can help you with the best glazed room for your summer house, office or gym.

For more information, visit the factory showroom on Barker Street in Norwich or give us a call on 01603 763189.