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Email us your extension plans Having an extension really boosts the value of your property but can also send stress levels soaring. On top of the building work itself, there’s also the design of windows and doors to think about and quotes to collect. It’s important to spend time planning the design and layout of your extension, but don’t forget it’s the windows and doors that are used the most and affect the entire look of your home.

There’s also potential delays to think about. The smallest of hitches can slow things down, which often incurs additional costs and causes extra worry if budgets are tight. Organising everything takes up a lot of time and energy, so a bit of efficiency can go a long way.

We try to make life easier for you. For example, you can email your extensions plans across to AstraFrame and we’ll enter and save the dimensions. This means that when you come to our showroom to decide which frames and handles you want, we can give you a quote immediately.

One of our team members will be able to go through your extension in detail and help you to decide whether you want white or coloured windows and look at their energy efficiency. They’ll also be able to show you examples of the designs you’ve been quoted for so that you have a real idea of what your extension will look like when it’s finished.

Because we manufacture Synseal frames at our factory in Norwich, we have an extremely quick turnaround. We’ll be able to provide you with your custom-made windows within two weeks so you won’t have to worry about unnecessary delays.

If you’d like to talk to us about your extension plans or would like to email some across to us, please call 01603 763 189 or email