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BOGOF – Why promotional offers don’t save you money

AstraFrames approch to offersWe’ve all seen offers promising that if we buy one replacement window or door, we’ll get another one free of charge. There’s no doubt this sounds like a good saving, but is getting a bargain really that simple?

All too often, the reason window and door retailers have such inviting promotions is because they’re overpriced. Although we’re led to believe that we’ve been offered a good deal because we’re getting something for free, our wallets are no better off because the cost of the product is so high in the first place.

AstraFrame has a different approach to saving you money. Unlike many businesses, we don’t feel the need to have promotions that result in false economy because most customers can save at least 50 percent on a like-for-like quote.

Because we manufacture double glazing at our factory showroom in Norwich, our prices are considerably lower. When you place an order with us, we’ll design a window or door that suits the style of your home and project and ensure it’s ready to be collected within two weeks. You won’t have to pay through the nose for installation costs and because there’s no middleman involved, you’ll make substantial savings.

If you’d like to talk to us about saving 50 percent on the cost of your windows and doors, pop into our factory showroom, call us on 01603 763189 or email trade@astraframe.co.uk. You won’t have to deal with pushy salesmen and we’ll answer any questions that you have.