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“An Unbelievably First-class Service”

Jeff Smith has bought 16 UPVC windows from AstraFrame for his home renovation over the last 18 months or so. Here he talks to us about what he thinks about the AstraFrame service.

“I’ve bought about one Georgian bar style window a month from AstraFrame over the last year and a half. I have had an unbelievably first-class service from AstraFrame for a few reasons.

“I enquired with a few other companies before I found AstraFrame. No other company I came across had the skills that Chris applies. He has the ability to take a very rough sketch and turn it into a product for us.

“Every window we have bought has been a different size and slightly different style. Chris is extraordinarily efficient. From me first calling with my measurements to receiving my quote is usually only about half a day.

“The windows are fantastic quality. I never have to haggle on the price I am given and AstraFrame always deliver on time.

“The work from the whole team is really refreshing. The delivery drivers are great and the people who came to our house to make some minor amendments were splendid too. They deserve to be in the premier division of window companies.

“My builder has been very happy with AstraFrame and impressed with the good technical direction they offer.

“The final thing I’ll say: they always give me a great deal.”