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Bifold Doors

Aluminium Bifold Doors direct from AstraFrame in Norwich

New WarmCore Bifold Doors

Supplied across Norfolk and East Anglia

New WarmCore Bifold Doors from AstraFrame gives you the stunning large glazed area you’ve always wanted and keeps you warm and cosy throughout the year.

WarmCore is the very latest development in folding and sliding door technology. Sleek aluminium frames feature a hidden core of chambers that provides the best insulation to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

AstraFrame WarmCore aluminium Bifold Doors have slim frames that increase the glass area so you get uninterrupted views of the outdoors and more natural light into your home. Making your living room bright and airy all year round, without having to sacrifice energy efficiency or security.

Open up your home with bifolding doors

AstraFrame WarmCore full doorBifold doors offer a very practical way to open up your home to the garden or provide an energy efficient divider between rooms that keeps the heat in when closed then folds back and stacks against a wall to create a large clear opening. The most popular design choice is to include a master door in the bifold doorset which can be opened and closed like a standard back or main door.

For a narrower opening of around 3 to 4 metres wide Bifold doors are great way to achieve the widest opening possible. Bifolds are also superb for large openings as well.

AstraFrame Bifold Doors are available in WarmCore aluminium.

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